On behalf of the entire NESGA membership, we’d like to congratulate Katherine Wilbur of Mattappoiset and the University of South Carolina on being recognized as the 2017 recipient of the Francis Ouimet Foundation’s New England Senior Golfers’ Association’s Jack Casey Scholarship. Although we were not able to honor her and her family at the 95th Perron C. Jarboe Memorial Championship dinner on June 5th, we have included her introduction and remarks which she had prepared for the event.

Katherine Wilbur worked for three years in the pro shop at The Bay Club and lives in Mattapoisett

She just completed her sophomore year at the University of South Carolina where she is a Pharmacy Major with a 3.94 GPA.

As part of her Pharmacy program, she must complete rotations at a retail pharmacy. Last summer she was at Tobey Hospital in Wareham and she will be in a program at the MGH this summer.

Katherine wrote about how important the Ouimet and extra endowed scholarship were for her and freed her from needing a school job and allowed her time for her rotation programs.

Note: This fall will be the 20th year of this scholarship. It was re-named the Jack Casey New England senior Golfer’s Association Scholarship in 2012


Thank you for inviting me tonight to say a few words.

My name is Katherine Wilbur and I am a “sophomore” within the Ouimet Family.  I completed my golf service at the Bay Club in Mattapoisett.  I am a full-time student finishing my second year in the College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina. But before I talk about now I’d like to start from where I started.

When I started at The Bay Club I never knew the profound effect this first job could have on my future when it almost had absolutely nothing to do with what I wanted. Not to mention I had never picked up a golf club in my life, I had no idea what I was getting into. When I look back on that job at the Bay Club, I think of the great friends I have made and what I would consider a second family in the golfing staff over there.  I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without them.

They not only taught me a lot about golf, but I learned a lot more about myself.  I was extremely shy and quiet when I started to work there. To this day Greg still jokes to people who never met me my first year that if they saw me then they would not even know it was me and how shy I was.  The members and the staff welcomed me with open arms and made it so easy for me to feel comfortable and become more outgoing. After that first summer and the years to come I gained more confidence and self-awareness and that was something I did not expect to come from that job. 

So back to the pharmacy stuff.  While applying for the college of pharmacy we are required to have two half hour interviews.  That was enough for me to start losing sleep about two weeks before but once again I gained that confidence and comfort with myself through working in golf that made it possible for me to do well in those interviews and be accepted to the college. 

Now at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy I am currently starting research with one of my professors looking at prototype cancer drugs designed by another professor at the college and seeing their effect on cancer cells. I am also on the student government as secretary working on our school constitution and many other tasks for the college.

When I am home in Mattapoisett, I work at SouthCoast Heath Tobey Hospital group as a pharmacy technician. Over the last two summers I have gained so much valuable experience there and love what I do.   Currently, I am completing my summer rotation at Massachusetts General Hospital during the month of June, actually today was my first day. I hope to learn much more about hospital pharmacy. Although I am not entirely sure what I want to do when I am done, I know that I want to work within a hospital and I hope this rotation and my current job will help me to learn more options.

I always work hard for myself and of course my parents.  I want the Bay Club to be proud that they nominated me for this scholarship but now I also represent the Jack Casey Scholarship and hope that his scholarship supporters can look back and say—I had a big piece in her success. 

You have no idea how this scholarship has assisted me and my family.  Just one example, As I said before, I am doing my summer rotation at Mass General Hospital.  It is going to look great on my resume, but we don’t get paid for our rotations, in fact we have to pay to do rotations.  So to be able to receive these funds from the Francis Ouimet Fund and especially these endowed scholarships (pause)—I can’t say enough, except thank you.