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    Clifton Larson Memorial Tournament

    Longmeadow Country Club

    Longmeadow Country Club was organized in 1922 when it assembled several parcels of land and engaged Donald Ross. Traversing subtle and, at times, dramatic terrain, the architect's routing calls for the judicious use of both power and finesse. His knowledge of the game combined with unique horse drawn shapers produced the complex aprons and putting surfaces that were the crowning glory of a Ross creation. The course was completed in 1924 followed by the clubhouse in 1926 when Architecture magazine featured Longmeadow including the landscape architecture of Frederick Law Olmsted. Racquet sports and aquatics have since rounded out the Club's sporting facilities.

    The Clifton C. Larson Memorial Tournament is an individual quota tournament. Scoring will be 6 points for eagle, 4 points for birdie, 2 points for par, 1 point for bogey, 0 points for double bogey and above. A player’s quota is determined by subtracting their handicap from 36. Example: a 15 handicap has a quota of 21. The winner will be the participant with the highest quota point total. A minimum of 4 quota points is necessary to be eligible for prizes.