Event History

July 12
Portland Country Club
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August 17
Oak Hill Country Club
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July 15
Boothbay Harbor Country Club
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July 9
Tedesco CC
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July 10th
Vesper Country Club
- Tournament Results
1st Place Gross – John Bottomley, Mark Davidson, Rich McCusker, Kevin Williams (149)
1st Place Net – Bill Farrell, Bill Hanley, Wayne Perkins, George Wright (125)
2nd Place Net – James Matson, Jack McGeorge, Mike Ryan, Charlie Swanson (126)
3rd Place Net – Glenn Hicks, Gary Johnson, Paul Patrone, Richard Sullivan (127 – match of cards)
4th Place Net – Charles Nahatis, Frank Sablone, Stan Wheeler, Gerry Williams (127 – match of cards)

Bob Crowley

2020 Nichols Gross Winners ( L to R) Jeffrey Supko, Henry Shean, Tom Montesi, John Love

Bob Crowley

2017 at Vesper Country Club